Aaron Burnsides, Systems Analyst, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

Aaron Burnsides has worked in healthcare IT for more than 15 years. Over those years he has seen healthcare move from paper charts, to the EMR, and now cross-facility interoperability at the HIE level. Today, Aaron has responsibilities involving both clinical systems integration as well as IT systems support and design. He received his Master of Science (M.S.) in Information Technology from the Florida Institute of Technology. He is currently the Systems Analyst at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System in Salinas, CA.
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Why 3 separate hospitals started an HIE together

Picture this. It’s 3am. A patient comes into your ER unconscious after a car accident just down the road. The patient has never been in your facility before so you don’t know the status of their medications, allergies, or any medical history. I think we can all agree, this makes it challenging to provide the safest, most accurate care.

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Topics: Security, CIO, Interoperability, Patient Safety

The story of one hospital’s 59-minute disaster recovery

How do you prepare for the unexpected? When disaster strikes, having a recovery plan in place can make all the difference. In the healthcare industry, when we lose access to patient records and the systems that drive operations, patient care itself is negatively impacted. So even though outages can’t be predicted, it’s important to have a working disaster recovery plan in place before you need it.

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Topics: Security, CIO, Big Data