Jim Fitzgerald, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, CloudWave

Jim Fitzgerald is EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at CloudWave. He values the role of community hospitals in healthcare and works to create solutions and services that allow them to flourish. Jim brings 25 years of experience with MEDITECH in both technical and executive roles. His contributions include co-architecting and leading “first of their kind” cloud-based technology solutions for healthcare. Jim is passionate about helping hospitals of all sizes and types implement sustainable technology strategies that enhance the performance and availability of MEDITECH and other enterprise software, whether in a hospital data center or in the cloud.
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Save your data (and your budget) from cyberattacks

It cannot be overstated how much of a disaster cyberattacks are on hospitals. Despite the severity of the crime, the moral, legal, and cultural norms that would stop a prospective vandal from crossing a physical fence and painting graffiti on your hospital don’t seem to apply on the internet. 

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