Marijo Carnino, Client Services Director, MEDITECH

Marijo Carnino has been with MEDITECH for over 30 years. Her current Client Services Director role includes oversight of Client Services Patient Safety/Priority Events, Communications, Regulatory, Training and Education, and EHR Programs. Marijo previously worked in the healthcare setting as a Medical Technologist and has her masters degree in Management. A passionate reader, she is currently reading “Dreamland – The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic” by Sam Quinones after reading about it on the MEDITECH Blog.
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Making patient safety personal

Have you seen MEDITECH’s For Us, It’s Personal video on what the healthcare industry means to us? In the video, I shared that my sister passed away from sepsis following a bone marrow transplant related to leukemia. Like many others, my personal experiences contribute to my passion at work, and my after-hours engagement as a member of a patient advisory board.

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