Audrey Premdas, RN, BSN, Clinical Informatics, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

Audrey has been a registered nurse for 39 years, including 28 years spent as a NICU nurse, helping to save the lives of the hospital's most fragile patients. For the last eight years, she has worked at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center as a Clinical Information Technology RN. In this role she enjoys the challenges of building, modifying, and maintaining MEDITECH for the end-users. Most importantly, she is the mother of one son, Marshall.

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How to improve discharge procedures for homeless patients

When people think of life in California, they often think of movie stars, mansions, and pristine beaches. The reality can sometimes be less glamorous. Since 2016, the homeless population in California has risen by 13 percent. There are now an estimated 130,000 homeless individuals living across California, including 50,000 in Los Angeles alone. Walking the streets in San Bernardino County, the sight of people sleeping in cars, under bridges, and in parks is all too common. 

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Topics: Population Health, Patient Engagement, Social Determinants

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