Kelly Del Gaudio, Consultant, Galen Healthcare Solutions & Carol Bird, Manager, Branding & Digital Marketing, MEDITECH

Kelly Del Gaudio is the Principal Consultant for MEDITECH at Galen Healthcare Solutions and has over 13 years experience working with MEDITECH applications. She has a proven track record for optimizing clinical workflows, creating best practice recommendations, streamlining documentation, and assisting health systems in successfully promoting interoperability mandates and HIMSS EMRAM analytics’ stages resulting in significant return on investment. Kelly considers herself a problem solver, people lover, globetrotter, and a computer nerd.

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Why nine hospitals worked together to achieve success for their patients

When Kelly Del Gaudio started working at Galen Healthcare Solutions, her interest in clinical optimization drove the direction of their MEDITECH consultancy offerings focusing strongly on rule driven clinical workflow redesign.

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Topics: Healthcare IT, Transformative Technology