Sunnie Southern, Vice President of Health and Life Sciences, Onix

Sunnie Southern is the Vice President of Onix’s Health and Life Sciences division, which enables organizations to realize the power of the cloud to securely work simpler, smarter, and faster in a secure and compliant environment. Recognized as one of the “Disruptive Women to Watch in Healthcare,” Sunnie is passionate about helping health and life sciences organizations leverage technology to positively impact health where people live, work and play. Prior to joining Onix, Sunnie led Viable Synergy, a health innovation consulting firm supporting global health innovators in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and genomics. She has worked with a variety of world-class organizations including the Cleveland Clinic, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Shire, Sanofi, AssureX Health and many more. Sunnie has also advised more than 500 healthcare startups through the “Innov8 for Health” global innovation program. She continues to mentor and coach startups through her involvement with the Cleveland Clinic Medical Hackathon and Medstartr.
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