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Hoda Sayed-Friel, Executive Vice President, MEDITECH

As Executive Vice President at MEDITECH, Hoda has held many leadership roles throughout her 35-year career, overseeing EHR development, Marketing, Strategy, Client Services, Health Care Policy, and now, Professional Services. With her clinical degree and experience, Ms. Sayed-Friel recognizes the importance of including the healthcare provider perspectives in system engineering and continues to influence the design of clinically sophisticated products and advancing their adoption. She has been actively involved in discussions with healthcare providers and consumers to promote care coordination, interoperability, precision medicine, population health and the importance of using information to improve health equity and outcomes. In her current role leading MEDITECH Professional Services and Healthcare Policy, Ms. Sayed-Friel and her team are able to use the knowledge and skills attained over the years to advise on how to best use MEDITECH’s EHR to address the complex challenges of an evolving healthcare system using analytics and advanced applications to provide insight to better understand health system and patient needs.
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