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Kate Jenkins-Brown, EdD, Product Manager, Population Health Management, MEDITECH

Kate is responsible for overseeing the strategic development of MEDITECH's population health solutions including our ambulatory care management solution, Expanse Care Compass and our integrated data asset for value-based care, Population Insight . As part of her role, Kate researches healthcare trends, the burden of chronic disease, and opportunities to improve patient outcomes through patient centric outreach and prophylactic intervention. She understands the importance of care management in an overall population health strategy. Dr. Kate earned an EdD in transformative leadership with primary research into health equity barriers experienced by populations with health related social needs. Her further research investigates opportunities for changes in public policy to address inequality. On behalf of MEDITECH, Kate participates in the Gravity Project community meetings which are designed to identify terminology and interoperability standards that allow for actionable communication of the social determinants that affect health outcomes.
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