Stephen Valutkevich, MBA, Marketing Solutions Manager, MEDITECH

Stephen Valutkevich is a Marketing Solutions Manager in charge of messaging for Interoperability, MEDITECH-as-a-Service (MaaS),and Cybersecurity. Focusing on Interoperability, Steve is responsible for brand development and promotion of Interoperability and MEDITECH's initiatives. With over 22 years at MEDITECH, and a member of HIMSS as well as a representative of MEDITECH in the CommonWell Health Alliance, Steve stays up to date on Interoperability both within MEDITECH and the industry, helping customers understand and take advantage of advances in exchange for the betterment of patient care.
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Staying connected: 5 blogs about interoperability

Currently, one of the most important goals in the health IT industry is making data truly interoperable.

In pursuit of that goal, healthcare organizations are seeking ways to match patient data and locate records in a fragmented digital environment where technology and processes simply aren’t set up to allow efficient data exchange and access. On top of that, regulatory requirements are putting additional pressure on healthcare organizations to meet benchmarks and reporting mandates.

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Topics: Interoperability, C-level, Health IT

A new way to drive interoperability and improve patient experience

As most of us in healthcare know, interoperability is not quite where it needs to be for our patients. While technology can make everyday life much more agile, sometimes it seems like IT is leaving the patient experience behind.

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Topics: Patient Engagement, Interoperability