Support your frontline and strengthen your bottom line with strategic revenue cycle management [eBook]

July 18, 2023 |  Revenue Cycle, C-level, Health IT


Today’s healthcare leaders are faced with constant change and numerous challenges, such as managing staffing shortages and reducing costs while increasing patient satisfaction. At MEDITECH, we believe strong revenue cycle management that is agile and resilient can help organizations keep up with healthcare's financial evolution. That’s why we created an eBook focused on “supporting your frontline and strengthening your bottom line with strategic revenue cycle management.”

We know that patients expect their providers to understand their preferences, especially when it comes to communications. For example, your community wants consumer-friendly, accurate billing statements as well as simple online tools to settle their co-payments and balances. However, it’s becoming increasingly common for patients who don’t receive the ease and convenience they desire to leave their provider. This is largely due to the fact that companies such as Amazon, Uber, and Netflix are setting a high bar for consumer experiences that are simple, quick, and frictionless.

Patient engagement plays an important role in clinical outcomes and has a direct impact on revenue growth. Empowered with the right information at the right time, health IT leaders can effectively control costs and maximize revenues. In this eBook, you’ll find: 

  • Three pillars of revenue cycle success
  • Why a strong revenue cycle begins and ends with a satisfied patient
  • Ways to maximize your reimbursement
  • Examples of organizations thriving with improved revenue cycle management

With innovative technologies in place to help monitor and optimize revenue cycles, improve clinicians’ workflows, and enhance the patient experience, you can build a foundation for long-term financial sustainability and operational efficiency. 

Download the eBook today (no sign up required) and learn more about how MEDITECH’s integrated Revenue Cycle solution for Acute, Ambulatory, and Long-Term Care can boost your organization's overall fiscal health.  

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Written by Matt Chadwell, CPM, Revenue Cycle Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH

Matt is a Certified Product Manager (CPM) with over 20 years' experience within Revenue Cycle. He has responsibility for all revenue cycle products and initiatives, within all venues of care, to ensure market and customer satisfaction while aligning with MEDITECH's corporate vision and strategy. Matt has a passion for building features and products from existing ideas, and helping to develop new ideas based on industry research, experience, and interaction with customers and prospects. He is supportive of the MEDITECH revenue cycle vision of providing innovative, efficient RCM solutions that contribute to a positive patient experience.