4 videos showcasing the power of leadership and innovation in healthcare

May 31, 2023 |  C-level, Health IT, Video


It’s no secret that healthcare organizations today are facing numerous challenges, such as cost restraints and labor shortages. Our customers are working tirelessly to rise above the challenges of this new era in healthcare, through their strong leadership and innovative approaches. 

As proud technology partners, we are sharing these inspiring video testimonials featuring leading organizations including HCA Healthcare, Frederick Health, and FHN Memorial Hospital. See how together we are moving healthcare forward through initiatives such as delivering high quality healthcare at scale and data-driven transformation

  1. Executive Insight with HCA

HCA Healthcare solidified a longstanding, collaborative partnership with MEDITECH by signing on for a large-scale MEDITECH Expanse implementation. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to speak with HCA Healthcare executive, Dr. Jim Jirjis, CHIO, at MEDITECH’s Expanse Winter Showcase

Throughout the interview, Dr. Jirjis provided insight on why MEDITECH and HCA are uniquely aligned on the future of data and the power of partnership. Be sure to tune into a candid discussion exploring the industry’s leading topics including data science, machine learning, interoperability, and labor shortages. 

As one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers, learn more about HCA Healthcare and how they ranked No. 1 in Fortune’s list of 2023 Most Admired Companies in the medical facility category.

  1. Mission Drives Margin: Lessons of Healthcare Delivery at Scale

HCA Healthcare is consistently working to create a better environment for its clinicians and patients. During this year’s ViVE conference, Helen Waters, Executive Vice President & COO at MEDITECH moderated a fireside chat with Sam Hazen, CEO of HCA Healthcare focused on how to best accelerate the business and innovation of healthcare.

Be sure to watch the whole video playlist on our YouTube channel to see more of their conversation topics such as gaining tangible insights from data, and the advantages of a MEDITECH partnership. 

  1. Data-Driven Transformation at Frederick Health

Frederick Health drives continuous advancement by leveraging technology to access strategic data for better decision making. In this video, leadership at Frederick Health discuss how capturing and utilizing data in innovative ways can lead to transformational change. To learn more about Frederick Health’s success, see how they are ushering in a new age of precision medicine with MEDITECH Genomics

  1. Improving Quality of Care Through Technology at FHN Memorial Hospital

At rural health hospitals facing cost restraints, digital health solutions that are accessible and flexible are vital to maintaining a high quality of care. In this video, Mark Gridley, President & CEO at FHN Memorial Hospital, discusses how technology allows their community hospital to thrive, specifically mentioning efforts such as leveraging remote patient monitoring to best serve the needs of their patient population. 

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Written by Carol Bird, Senior Manager, Content, Branding & Digital Marketing, MEDITECH

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