How social media and grassroots efforts can further connect your hospital with your community [Video]

April 18, 2019 |  Patient Engagement, Health IT, Video, Patients

In a constantly connected world, consumers are looking for ways to break down barriers between themselves and their providers. Recently, I sat down with Dr. William Dailey, CMIO at Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (Clinton, MO), to hear about how organizations and individuals can use social media to connect with the hospital community, inside and outside of the facility’s walls.

“I think when you get grassroots communication, you can see real results, with real people, in a real community setting, and really get a feel for what real experience is, both from provider to provider, organization to organization, and from organization to community,” said Dailey, a board-certified Family Practice Physician.

He also gave an honest answer for why these efforts began in the first place.

“For us, we’re taking care of our friends, families, and neighbors. And to us, that’s really ‘the why’ associated with what we do.”

Watch our video to hear what he has to share, and be sure to follow @docdailey on Twitter for more personal insight, as well as Golden Valley’s Expanse success via @gvmhe.

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Written by Carol Bird, Manager, Branding & Digital Marketing, MEDITECH

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