Leveraging data analytics to achieve positive outcomes

September 12, 2023 |  EHR, Big Data, Health IT


By harnessing the power of big data, all levels of leadership can gauge their progress towards achieving organizational goals and make more informed data-driven decisions. However, studies show that less than 60% of healthcare organizations' data is being used to make intelligent business decisions. 

To meet the growing demand for healthcare data, leveraging powerful visualization tools, such as MEDITECH’s Business and Clinical Analytics (BCA) solution, can help deliver actionable information that drives operational efficiency, maximizes financial performance, and improves patient outcomes. 

Here are 3 examples of MEDITECH customers that have used BCA to serve as their single source of truth for clinical, financial, and operational data. 

  1. Lawrence General 

As the chief of emergency medicine at Lawrence General Hospital (Lawrence, MA), Omer Moin, MD, was striving to make data more useful and meaningful to his medical staff. Since Lawrence General serves a diverse population, many of whom are vulnerable, easy access to the right data is critical for ED physicians to provide better, more efficient care.

Lawrence General partnered with MEDITECH to create a customized ED Throughput dashboard, enabling Dr. Moin and his team to leverage the data most helpful to them as a busy ED in an urban environment.

“It adds value to say that as an organization, we are looking at the clinical work that physicians and nurses are doing, and using this data to increase clinical understanding.”

Omer Moin, MD, FACEP
Chief of Emergency Medicine
Lawrence General Hospital

Read the MEDITECH success story to learn more about how Lawrence General is using BCA to increase physician efficiency and improve the quality of care for all patients.

  1. Emanate Health 

In 2020, Emanate Health collaborated with MEDITECH to leverage BCA dashboards within Expanse to customize an automated COVID-19 contact tracing program. Disease investigation and contact tracing dashboards helped the organization identify at-risk patients and hospital staff, and prioritize COVID-19 cases that had high-risk exposure events.

Based on their success using the BCA dashboard for COVID-19 and seeing how it empowered end users, Emanate Health invested in BCA across their organization. Staff can now quickly pull reports and leverage dashboards for effective revenue cycle management, such as monitoring AR balances by facility and preventing denials. Emanate Health also leverages integrated Platform Analytics to monitor and gain insights on dashboard utilization across the organization. 

“Data is a pool of knowledge and must be a factor in every decision. There is trust in our data because BCA is used by multiple departments and with everything on one platform, it is easier to pull data. This is a tool not only for IT, but for the organization as a whole.” 

Tito Perez
Corporate Director of Enterprise Applications
Emanate Health

Download the full case study to learn more about Emanate Health leveraging BCA dashboards to increase efficiency

  1. NMC Health

NMC Health also turned to BCA dashboards during COVID-19 to provide staff with a single source of truth for critical information while eliminating time-consuming manual data collection. Adoption of analytics took off from there as BCA expanded what NMC Health was able to measure.  

BCA continues to help communicate important data points with key stakeholders and medical staff at NMC Health, without text-heavy attachments. Quality dashboards are a valuable tool for arming managers with real-time statistics around quality metrics such as falls and sepsis. Having this data easily accessible for end users has played a role in NMC Health achieving positive outcomes and earning industry recognition, such as being named a top 100 rural and  community hospital by the Chartis Group

“Whenever we show BCA reports at management meetings, we get more and more requests for report access. BCA adoption continues to grow at NMC Health since the ability to create charts and graphs helps people visualize important data points.” 

Kelly Lippold
Director of Health Informatics
NMC Health

Read the full success story to learn more about NMC Health uncovering insights with MEDITECH’s BCA solution. 

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Written by Elliot Darling, Product Manager, BCA, MEDITECH

Elliot Darling is a Product Manager in MEDITECH's Strategy division. Elliot is an EHR Applications specialist and oversees MEDITECH's Business and Clinical Analytics solution.