MEDITECH supports innovation and cultivates partnerships at MUSE Inspire 2024

June 6, 2024 |  EHR, Industry Leaders, Health IT, Events

MEDITECH supports innovation and cultivates partnerships at MUSE Inspire 2024


At the heart of the 2024 MUSE Inspire conference was a spirit of partnership and collaboration as MEDITECH users came together to share strategies, insights, and innovative ideas. For 41 consecutive years, this annual event has provided a space for MEDITECH customers to partake in an enriching experience offering educational and networking opportunities.

Surrounded by a dedicated MEDITECH community, MEDITECH Executive Vice President and COO Helen Waters took the opportunity to speak to our partnership goals and our commitment to always providing a positive customer experience. 

“As your strategic partner, we will continue to cultivate an environment of continuous improvement and innovation when it comes to supporting the experience of our customers,”  explained Waters. “To all of our MEDITECH customers: your voice matters.”


Many educational and captivating industry topics were explored at this year’s conference including: social determinants of health, AI, interoperability, and genomics. Techquity was at the center of many discussions at the conference this year. Techquity is about intentionality and inclusivity; it’s a call to action to use technology to improve health equity and to address social determinants of health (SDoH). When it comes to developing new technologies or supporting an AI strategy to bring new innovations to our health systems, MEDITECH is thoughtful, deliberate, and always designing solutions for the betterment of the clinician, patient, and healthcare organization.


MEDITECH leadership and customers took the stage to give a keynote presentation on the impact of AI. Joining me was Helen Waters, Executive Vice President and COO, MEDITECH, Randall Brandt PA-C, Mile Bluff Medical Center , and Mark Snowise MD, CMIO, Berkshire Health Systems to highlight their experiences with the deployment of AI.

We showcased Expanse as the intelligent EHR platform through the lens of a patient vignette. As the patient moved through different care settings – from the emergency department to inpatient care to home care to the practice – we highlighted Expanse solutions that were used by clinicians and the patient throughout the journey of the episode of care. 

The Expanse platform is built atop a future-proof infrastructure and is part of an extensible ecosystem that supports innovation. It’s the thoughtful, deliberate way that we have designed the solutions to be interconnected, build on top of each other, and use data in impactful ways that is the embodiment of the intelligent EHR platform. 

Brandt spoke to MEDITECH’s partnership with Google, explaining how the intelligence of Expanse search and summarization has been a game-changer at his organization. This solution leverages NLP and a LLM to enable concept based searches, and synthesizes data to present a longitudinal view of the patient record to support clinical decision-making. Mile Bluff piloted the solution and quickly saw an average savings of 7.5 minutes per patient across several care areas, as well as an average savings of 16.7 hours a week in chart reviews by the Health Information Management team. 

“The benefits were tangible and immediate,” said Brandt. “We’re seeing more than just immense time savings – our clinicians are more satisfied overall.”


A number of MEDITECH customers contributed to the conference’s educational sessions like HCA, Valley Health System, and Frederick Health, sharing insights on a slew of topics ranging from genomics to go-Live’s with Expanse. Customers share learned experiences from implementing Expanse Web Oncology, exploring clinical decision support pathways, incorporating clinical trials into Expanse, and more. MEDITECH’s Jen Ford, MBA, Manager, Clinical Product Management led the conversation on precision medicine with her session on the intersection of Expanse Pathology, Expanse Genomics, and Expanse Oncology. 

It was great to see so many MEDITECH colleagues take the stage and share MEDITECH’s strategic direction, allowing customers to better understand our vision, direction, and roadmap. In addition to Jen’s session on precision medicine, other members of the Product Management team took this opportunity to share with our customers where we are heading with the strategic direction of our products, along with sharing tips and tricks about maximizing functionality. These sessions included:

  • MEDITECH Strategic Clinical Roadmap Review 
    • Rebecca Lancaster, CPM, Director, Product Management
  • Patient Consumer Health Portal – Modernized, Intuitive, and Agile 
    • Siobhan Warner, Product Manager
  • MEDITECH Revenue Cycle Strategic Roadmap Review 
    • Matt Chadwell, CPM, Revenue Cycle Product Manager

Providing a look at what’s coming next for MEDITECH assures our customers that our relationship is a true partnership built on trust, communication, and collaboration. Our Product Managers outlined trends that are driving our strategy forward and shared a strategic roadmap that addresses industry challenges. 

It was wonderful to connect with so many MEDITECH users and witness the transformational effect our products can have. A big thank you to MUSE International for offering a space where industry leaders can forge lasting partnerships and develop relationships that bring innovation and new technology to our industry. Looking forward to next year!

Want to hear more from our customers? Tune into Randy Brandt's recent webinar with the Scottsdale Institute. 

Watch The On-Demand Webinar


Written by Rachel Wilkes, Director, Marketing, MEDITECH

Rachel Wilkes is the Director of Corporate Brand and Lead Generation Marketing at MEDITECH. She oversees MEDITECH's corporate communications, branding, events and market research, and serves as executive sponsor of MEDITECH’s generative AI efforts. Over the course of her MEDITECH career, she has also served in various roles in Marketing and strategic Product Management. Rachel is a Certified Product Manager and holds an MBA from Bryant University.