MEDITECH Expanse takes center stage at ViVE 2024

March 6, 2024 |  EHR, Industry Leaders, Health IT, Events, AI


Following the rapid technology boom inspired by AI’s mainstream debut, ViVE 2024 encouraged participants to bring their best advancements to the floor, and MEDITECH embraced that mission with passion. This year, we featured the best of Expanse, the intelligent EHR platform.

When we say that MEDITECH Expanse is the intelligent EHR platform, it’s not only because of how we leverage AI. It’s about our approach to meaningful interoperability and the mobile, personalized solutions for care teams. It’s how we enable precision medicine in communities, through the advanced capabilities of Expanse Genomics, Oncology, and Pathology. It’s how we pull all of these things – and many more – together to form an EHR that supports human decision making.

Showcasing the Expanse platform


Helen Waters, Executive Vice President and COO at MEDITECH, joined a highly anticipated panel of leaders from Epic and Oracle on “Back to the Future of Healthcare: Tomorrow’s EHR Landscape.” Attendees had the opportunity to hear directly from top EHR vendors on the transformative technology happening in the EHR space. 

Waters discussed MEDITECH’s approach to solving real world problems for care teams today and building an infrastructure that supports future innovation. By working with our customers, MEDITECH gains insight on the frontlines of healthcare to help transform clinicians into visionaries, inspiring them to set new goals and reignite their passion.

A hot topic across every industry, the application of AI also came up at the panel. Waters assured the audience how seriously MEDITECH takes the balance of artificial intelligence and ethical deployment. Users ask for accountability, and MEDITECH fulfills that through open communication on the data our solutions collect, ensuring a safe and sustainable use of AI.

“AI has the tremendous potential to aggregate vast amounts of information and give meaningful feedback to both the patient and the provider. Expanse customers are already experiencing the enhanced decision making and time-saving impact of AI-powered solutions that automate key workflow processes,” said Waters.

Mike Cordeiro, MEDITECH Senior Director of Interoperability Market and Product Strategy, speaks on intelligent interoperability at ViVE 2024

On the ViVE Tech Talk stage, MEDITECH Senior Director of Interoperability Market and Product Strategy, Mike Cordeiro, invited the audience to reimagine the power of interoperability as an intelligent solution. Reframing the definition of meaningful data exchange, Cordeiro proposed how organizations can spend less time talking about data and more time applying it. 

Interoperability is at the core of everything MEDITECH does as we strive to make care extend beyond the foundational EHR. By implementing a future-proof infrastructure as the pillar of our digital strategy, Expanse’s intelligent platform can then elevate an organization’s ecosystem to new heights.

At our booth, visitors also learned more about our AI initiatives such as Expanse search and summarization powered by Google Health, which reduces the data fragmentation burden by pinpointing specific information from a patient’s complete record. We’re also working with partners to establish ambient listening and auto generation of clinical documentation solutions.

Celebrating our customers' accomplishments

We were thrilled to attend multiple sessions that featured MEDITECH customers and highlighted their insightful perspective as industry changemakers.

MEDITECH customer Marty Paslick, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer at HCA Healthcare, joins panel at ViVE 2024

Marty Paslick, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer at HCA Healthcare, joined a panel on the ups and downs of technology in the age of AI. “Awakenings: The Perils of AI Success” created a space for leaders on the forefront of AI in health systems to discuss the ethical considerations and challenges associated with implementing these tools in medical decision-making. A powerful tool requires careful application, to ensure its accuracy and responsible deployment.

MEDITECH customers, Priscilla Frase, MD, CMIO/Hospitalist at Ozarks Healthcare and Dan Nash, MBA, PMP, CHCIO, CDH-E, Chief Information Officer at Emanate Health, speak on panel at ViVE 2024

Touching on another key industry topic, “Inside Job: Operating with Lean Staff and Healthy Margins” focused on the challenges health systems face while striving to maintain a healthy operating margin. Priscilla Frase, MD, CMIO/Hospitalist at Ozarks Healthcare and Dan Nash, MBA, PMP, CHCIO, CDH-E, Chief Information Officer at Emanate Health joined the panel. They discussed the creative strategies their organizations employ to improve the productivity of their clinical and operational teams, including maximizing the capabilities of the Expanse platform.

The speed of healthcare innovation can be overwhelming without the right tools to help guide the way forward. MEDITECH translates innovation into success, so our customers thrive while staying true to their values. Thank you to our team for another successful ViVE, and we look forward to hitting the convention floor again at HIMSS 2024, March 11-15!

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Written by Rachel Wilkes, Director, Marketing, MEDITECH

Rachel Wilkes is the Director of Corporate Brand and Lead Generation Marketing at MEDITECH. She oversees MEDITECH's corporate communications, branding, events and market research, and serves as executive sponsor of MEDITECH’s generative AI efforts. Over the course of her MEDITECH career, she has also served in various roles in Marketing and strategic Product Management. Rachel is a Certified Product Manager and holds an MBA from Bryant University.