Thought Leader Podcast: Cloud computing in healthcare

July 16, 2019 |  CIO, Podcast, C-level, Healthcare IT


In our latest thought leader podcast, I spoke with Jim Fitzgerald, executive vice president and chief strategy officer at CloudWave about the role of cloud computing in healthcare.

No matter where your organization is in its cloud journey, this podcast has something for everyone. Jim provides an educational overview of this technology, offers some advice on resource management and multi-cloud strategies, and shares his thoughts on where he sees the future of the cloud going.

After you listen to the podcast, don’t forget to check out Jim’s guest blog entry: Save your data (and budget) from cyberattacks.

Specific topics covered in this podcast include:
  • 0:51 What is cloud computing?
  • 6:36 The role of the cloud in healthcare
  • 8:31 The role of the cloud in healthcare vs other industries
  • 11:03 Cloud computing and resource management
  • 12:35 Cloud computing in community-based hospitals
  • 15:00 C-suite concerns with funding cloud-based projects
  • 19:08 Advice to organizations considering cloud services
  • 23:05 Future themes for cloud computing

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Written by Scott Godbout, Senior Marketing Solutions Manager, MEDITECH

Scott Godbout is a MEDITECH marketing solutions manager with a long history of working with information technology and services. During his 17 years with MEDITECH, Scott has served in a variety of roles in Marketing and Development, with a particular emphasis on software design and implementation methodologies, oncology, healthcare information technologies (HIT), MACRA/MIPS initiatives, and computerized provider order entry (CPOE). Today, he focuses on brand development for MEDITECH’s Oncology Management, Surgical Services, and Population Health solutions.
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