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December 19, 2023 |  EHR, C-level, Video, Transformative Technology


Whether we are visiting our customers on-site or interviewing them at conferences such as MEDITECH LIVE, we love getting the chance to connect with healthcare leaders who are driving transformational change. This year we’ve shared many videos on our YouTube channel that feature MEDITECH customers discussing how leveraging a sophisticated EHR platform has improved the experience of clinicians, patients, and healthcare executives. 

Here are a few of the videos that highlight innovative approaches MEDITECH customers are taking to keep their organizations efficient and financially fit, and bring value to people’s lives. 

Centre for Neuroskills 

Centre for Neuroskills is a globally renowned brain injury rehabilitation facility that launched MEDITECH Expanse earlier this year. In the effort to advance patient care, watch Michael McCracken, Chief Technology Officer at Centre for Neuroskills as he shares how Expanse custom fits the organization's unique data needs and has led to more robust care pathways.

North Country Healthcare

Once made up of disparate healthcare organizations, today North Country Healthcare represents a unique collaboration across independent critical access facilities, joined together by one MEDITECH EHR platform. The affiliation includes numerous physicians and medical providers at multiple locations, including MEDITECH customers Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital, Weeks Medical Center, and Androscoggin Valley Hospital. 

United by their MEDITECH EHR and partnership, these medical facilities are successfully delivering financially sustainable care to their patient population. This video series features North Country Healthcare leadership sharing how they’ve improved efficiency and patient safety with Expanse. 

Expanse and CommonWell Health Alliance at North Country Healthcare

North Country Healthcare shares how they've simplified transitions of care and made a difference in its delivery with MEDITECH Expanse, powered by the bi-directional exchange between CommonWell and Carequality. 

A Game-Changing Platform: MEDITECH Expanse at North Country Healthcare

Expanse helps keep everyone at North Country Healthcare connected across a wide geographic swath, improving the experience for care providers and patients alike. With Expanse connecting their wide continuum, caregivers are alleviated and patients experience smoother, safer care.

Reducing Sleepless Nights with Expanse: North Country Healthcare and MEDITECH

Setting out to lessen the worry that comes with mammography results, North Country Healthcare has utilized data gathered by MEDITECH Expanse to cut patients' waiting time down by nearly 50%.

Healing Substance Use Disorder at North Country Healthcare

Learn how North Country Healthcare is leveraging MEDITECH Expanse to combat substance use disorder in their community by helping individuals receive in-patient treatment, tracking drug distribution, and completing risk assessments.

Blackrock Health

Blackrock Health Group, which comprises Blackrock, Galway, Hermitage and Limerick Clinics, has announced a new digital transformation program, including an investment in MEDITECH Expanse, and the introduction of Ireland’s first integrated digital engagement platform that will enable connectivity between patients, consultants and general practitioners (GPs). For nearly 20 years, Blackrock Health has partnered with MEDITECH to provide expert healthcare throughout Ireland. Hear how MEDITECH works with Blackrock Health to support their mission of being “Better Together.”

Deborah Heart and Lung

Deborah Heart and Lung leadership implemented MEDITECH’s Business and Clinical Analytics solution to monitor success and process improvements. Using personalized dashboards created through BCA, improved patient satisfaction, including a sixfold increase in discharges before 10 a.m., decreasing instances of patients waiting unnecessarily.

Deborah Heart and Lung continues to use BCA to quickly uncover insights that ensure positive clinical outcomes. Watch this video featuring Rich Temple, Vice President/CIO, Deborah Heart and Lung Center as he shares the benefits of leveraging data analytics.  

Citizens Memorial Healthcare 

Citizens Memorial Healthcare is a long-time MEDITECH customer focused on improving patient safety and reducing readmissions through various initiatives such as Virtual Visits. 

Watch this video to learn how Citizens relies on MEDITECH’s integrated Home Care solution to keep their care teams connected in and outside of the hospital, giving back time to the patient instead of administrative tasks.

Visit our YouTube channel to see how MEDITECH customers are driving transformational change throughout the industry.

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