3 organizations using Business and Clinical Analytics to increase efficiency and improve patient safety

July 14, 2020 |  Productivity, Big Data, Patient Safety, Coronavirus

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Managing big data is essential to organizational efficiency and patient safety, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fully integrated with MEDITECH’s EHR, Business and Clinical Analytics (BCA) provides clinicians and decision makers with a single source of truth for critical information, giving staff real-time access to metrics that uncover insights to help them provide the best care possible.

Here are 3 success stories showing how healthcare organizations have used BCA to ensure staff are equipped with the right data and resources to provide quality care.

1. CalvertHealth Monitors Coronavirus Cases Using MEDITECH's BCA Solution

In an effort to stay ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maryland Department of Health mandated on March 3 that all healthcare organizations report back to the state on any patients with COVID-19 symptoms. To meet the daunting challenge of pulling together the necessary data within 24 hours, CalvertHealth (Prince Frederick, MD) looked to its BCA solution and their business application specialist to build a COVID-19 monitoring dashboard. The team was already using BCA for its reporting features and was able to leverage datasets they had previously created to quickly build the new dashboard and meet the next-day reporting deadline requirement. 

“We get these notifications on a Tuesday and need to report by Wednesday. We have to be extremely flexible and responsive to these [government] requests. BCA gets the job done for us.”

-Lisa Carlson, Application Specialist, CalvertHealth


2. Firelands Regional Health System Monitors COVID-19 Patients with MEDITECH's BCA Solution

Firelands Regional Health System (Sandusky, OH) worked to stay ahead of the COVID-19 surge by using analytics to identify cases, trends, and resources. Using BCA, the organization moved its data from spreadsheets to an interactive, dynamic reporting dashboard. Access to comprehensive data helps Firelands’ decision makers look beyond anecdotal feedback by using timely and accurate metrics to verify trends and drive more informed decisions.

“Our BCA dashboard has quickly become our go-to resource for the most updated information on our COVID-19 status and response. We are using this tool to monitor the state of the facility in real time, such as how many patients are coming through the ED and where bottlenecks are occurring.”

-Denao Ruttino, CIO/VP of Operations, Firelands Regional Health System


3. Newton Medical Center Uncovers COVID-19 Insights with MEDITECH's BCA Solution

As a top 100 rural and community hospital, Newton Medical Center (Newton, KS) is committed to finding innovative ways to protect their community from the spread of COVID-19. By leveraging BCA and working alongside MEDITECH Professional Services, Newton Medical Center created COVID-19 dashboards to uncover insights needed to care for their patients during the pandemic. Real-time tracking ensures that staff have timely access to the data they need to make the best, most informed decisions, whether related to bed occupancy, testing, or PPE.

“The BCA COVID-19 tool helps communicate important data points with key stakeholders and medical staff, without text-heavy attachments. Having this information collated in one to two screens improves our assessment ability and rapid decision-making.” 

-Heather Porter, Chief Clinical Officer and Incident Commander, Newton Medical Center


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Written by Sandra Greene, Marketing Solutions Manager, MEDITECH

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