5 ways Expanse addresses the next big challenges in healthcare

September 2, 2021 |  Physician, EHR, Health IT, Patients

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As medical professionals continue to face unprecedented challenges in their day-to-day work, MEDITECH remains committed to supporting them as we all adapt to the changing healthcare landscape.

With Expanse, we’ve created an EHR that simplifies documentation and improves interactions among patients and their providers, accelerates financial and administrative processes, and breaks down barriers to coordinated care across specialties. 

Here are five ways Expanse empowers clinicians and patients to face the next big challenges in healthcare:

  1. Delivering a positive experience for patients

Expanse improves patient engagement by making health data accessible and giving patients mobile tools for interacting with their providers and managing their own care.

These tools are helping organizations to significantly increase the use of patient portals for scheduling appointments, requesting prescription refills, and communicating with care teams — all without having to visit the office.

Explore Patient Engagement here.

  1. Making financial transactions easier

Expanse Revenue Cycle can elevate the patient experience, grow organizations’ bottom lines, and control the administrative burden for front and back offices.

Considering that financial interactions are typically the first and last impressions that patients have of a hospital or clinic, Expanse ensures a high level of satisfaction for consumers and organizations by making those interactions convenient, contactless, timely, and accurate.

Check out Expanse Revenue Cycle here.

  1. Supporting precision medicine

Today’s healthcare providers need the most accurate information about their patients to make effective care decisions, and Expanse Genomics ensures that clinicians have that information, as well as automated support tools to provide the right treatment to the right patient, at the point of care.

Expanse Genomics can also inform the entire clinical team about each patient’s unique needs, supporting precision care and better outcomes.

Watch the Genomics video here.

  1. Reducing the cognitive burden on clinicians

One of the most exciting innovations in healthcare is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support clinical decision making — and MEDITECH is embracing that trend through our Virtual Assistant solution.

Virtual Assistant allows providers to use simple voice commands to retrieve important information and develop treatment plans for their patients, all without touching a device.

See more about Expanse Virtual Assistant here.

  1. Ensuring health IT’s sustainability

As value-based care has become the new standard, it’s more important than ever for organizations to have technology that can adapt and grow with them while supporting their long-term viability.

It’s with those goals in mind that we developed MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS), which delivers the full version of Expanse and streamlines the procurement process by bundling licenses and cloud hosting agreements in a single contract, reducing implementation time to as short as six months.

Discover how MaaS can support your organization here.

Keep learning with MEDITECH

MEDITECH recently explored these themes at our Summer Showcase, with two days of live product demonstrations and exclusive meetings with our executives. 

We also hosted discussions of our interoperability efforts in Canada, and our impact in supporting providers and patients across the world.

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Written by Christine Parent, Associate Vice President, MEDITECH

Christine Parent’s well-rounded and smart approach to problem solving has long guided MEDITECH toward stronger relationships across the care continuum. Today, she brings her rich EHR knowledge to the role of associate vice president of marketing--spreading the word on how MEDITECH empowers healthcare organizations, through our company branding, online presence, public relations, and customer events, as well as developing and executing MEDITECH’s “go-to-market” strategy.