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Posted by William Gustin, MD

September 1, 2020 |  Physician, CIO, Healthcare IT

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It’s still all about people.

Despite the tumultuous events of this year, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers have remained focused on the central part of their jobs: treating and caring for people.

As the coronavirus hampered in-person visits, doctors embraced new tools and strategies to communicate with their patients, who are more empowered than ever to manage their own care.

And while tools such as virtual visits and consumer healthcare apps were already available, COVID-19 certainly accelerated the adoption of these technologies, leaving providers to ask, “What do I do now?”

At MEDITECH, we build our solutions to break down barriers between those who need care and those who provide it.

And we are discovering the new patient/doctor relationship may no longer require us to be in the same room to have meaningful, authentic, and productive conversations. Many of our relationships have been uprooted by the rapid adoption of technologies for virtual conversation, representing both an exciting and challenging moment in our careers.

With this new paradigm infiltrating every aspect of healthcare, MEDITECH is hosting our first-ever Virtual Physician and CIO Forum, and our hope is that this three-day conference gives our hard-working providers a chance to pause, reflect on where we stand, and connect with other medical professionals to consider where we can go from here.

Our theme for 2020, “Lighting the Way,” is a call-to-action for physicians and CIOs, challenging us all to be the light that illuminates the path ahead.

We are proud to welcome two great keynote speakers to this year’s forum: Stacey Chang, founder and executive director at the Design Institute for Health and professor in the Department of Medical Education at The University of Texas at Austin, and Dr. Mark Shrime, founder and director of Harvard's Center for Global Surgery Evaluation and visiting research scholar at Princeton University.

Both of our keynotes have dedicated their professional lives to supporting the patient/provider relationship, Stacey through his work to create human-centered solutions that improve people’s health outcomes and health care experiences, and Mark through his research and scholarship on the global burden of surgical disease, the financial burden facing surgical patients, and the number of people who cannot access safe surgery worldwide.

We’ve scheduled all of our sessions to be convenient and flexible, so you can join wherever you are. Demonstration topics include virtual patient engagement; oncology; Expanse Patient Care; and more.

This year, we’re also offering four specific tracks of sessions that you can follow: CIO, Physician, Care Coordination, and Canadian Healthcare.

I look forward to seeing you at this year’s forum, where we’ll have the opportunity to pause, reflect, and engage with our colleagues to envision the path ahead.

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Written by William Gustin, MD

William Gustin, MD is an experienced physician informatics leader, with years of experience leading Health IT initiatives both for his own healthcare system as well as for a multitude of MEDITECH clients. In private practice, Dr. Gustin worked for years in Southern California as a hospitalist and served as chair of his Physician Advisory Committee and physician champion for implementing MEDITECH across the health system. He now cares for patients in Northern Arizona at Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) as well as leads many Health IT initiatives for that organization. KRMC uses MEDITECH Expanse in the hospital and ambulatory settings. A valuable member of MEDITECH’s physician consultant team and Clinical Leadership Preparedness Program faculty (CLPP), Dr. Gustin's area of focus and expertise has been in the development and presentation of curriculum that focuses on workflow redesign, benefits realization, change management, clinical workflow improvements and system optimization. Dr. Gustin has also been an active advisor for MEDITECH’s product development team and the company’s population health initiatives. In his role as a MEDITECH READY physician advisor, he has also successfully guided and advised numerous healthcare organizations through the implementation process.
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