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March 15, 2018 |  EHR

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Blow out the candles: our blog turns one today.

When we first created this vehicle, it was because we truly believed it was MEDITECH’s responsibility as a healthcare leader to help providers drive important conversations. Our company has always been willing to knock down barriers for the sake of patients, and also for the sake of leading the industry forward.

This mindset has enabled us to make strong connections with a wide variety of physicians, nurses, industry leaders, and executives. After hearing so many compelling anecdotes over the years, we realized that these experts needed a bigger platform to get their stories out there.

From its inception, the blog was never really about MEDITECH; it was about giving these meaningful healthcare voices their due. That’s why you’ll always see a healthy blend of non-MEDITECHers working with us to share their ideas, successes, and lessons learned.

The stories we’ve told through our customers’ eyes have been wonderfully inspirational. From one organization’s 59-minute disaster recovery to why three separate hospitals joined forces and created an HIE together - these are powerful stories that the industry needs to hear. For our readership, these testimonies are also a friendly light, guiding providers through the challenging healthcare landscape and down a path toward success.

We started this blog with the goal of becoming an open space for collaborative problem solving, for shared resources, and for driving the industry forward on topics such as the patient experience, interoperability, value and sustainability. And this is something we will continue to do in the months ahead.

MEDITECH is very proud to be launching its new web-based EHR, Expanse. With this next-generation technology, you will be able to view healthcare through a new lens, and navigate its complex virtual frontier with ease. We are excited to tell you all about it. But it’s not just going to come from us. The personal stories that our customers tell about Expanse will always take center stage.

There are so many amazing healthcare stories yet to be told. Do you have one? Contact us, and make your voice heard.

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Written by Carol Bird, Senior Manager, Content, Branding & Digital Marketing, MEDITECH

For more than two decades, Carol Bird has helped shape the evolution of MEDITECH's marketing and communications strategy, managing the deep bench of content developers, editors, and project coordinators responsible for the company’s digital marketing and branding efforts. She oversees content creation across a wide spectrum of media, including video, blog, podcast, email, web, print, social media, and beyond, working directly with the executive team to plan, execute and measure the company’s campaigns. Carol speaks widely on topics related to marketing in the healthcare industry. Under Carol’s leadership, MEDITECH has won several creative excellence awards for the company’s blog, video content, and product launches. She holds a BA in English from College of the Holy Cross and has graduate-level training in publishing and communications.
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