Thought Leader podcast: Clinical efficiency and the journey to Expanse


In this podcast, I speak with Dr. William Dailey, a board-certified Family Practice Physician and Chief Medical Information Officer at Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (Clinton, MO.) about their recent go-live with MEDITECH Expanse.


Dr. Dailey talks about the advancements in patient care that Expanse brought to Golden Valley; the improvements in provider workflow, including more efficient documentation; and the ways Golden Valley staff shared their go-LIVE story on social media.

Topics covered in this podcast include:

  • 0:10- Introduction

  • 0:50- Attending HIMSS19

  • 1:21- About Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare

  • 2:28- Golden Valley before Expanse

  • 3:50- Challenges with implementing the new platform

  • 4:47- Visible and immediate improvements for clinicians

  • 5:38- Expanse support of advanced clinical decision-making

  • 8:25- How Golden Valley providers document their work in Expanse

  • 11:21- Reducing costs for transcription

  • 14:07- Personalization and clinician use of widgets

  • 18:39- Centralized scheduling and the patient portal

  • 22:28- Golden Valley’s use of social media

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Topics: CIO, Productivity, Podcast

Written by Janet Desroche, Associate Vice President, EHR Programs, MEDITECH

Janet Desroche is a member of the CHIME Opioid Task Force and has been an integral part of the MEDITECH organization for over 30 years. During this period, her numerous contributions to Administrative, Revenue Cycle, and Advanced Clinical products have elevated the level of our software. In her current role managing EHR programs, she is instrumental in creating new content, EHR Toolkits, Physician programs, Regulatory Best Practices, as well as developing internal and external training programs.