5 blogs to improve your cybersecurity strategy

August 6, 2019 |  Security, Healthcare IT

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With the recent hacking and security breaches in the news, cybersecurity is back at the top of the news — but for healthcare executives and IT managers, we know that keeping patient data safe is an ongoing concern.

These blogs by leaders in health IT offer great insights and practical tips for how to protect your organization’s systems — and your patients.

  1. Setting a course for the 'next frontier' of cloud-based patient access. As cloud technology gives patients more control of their health records, MEDITECH CEO Howard Messing explains how EHR vendors are providing greater access to patient data while maintaining a high level of security. 
  2. Modernizing and staying secure in the changing field of health IT. MEDITECH Security Architect Justin Armstrong discusses how organizational resilience — the ability to predict and prepare for cyberattacks, and to adapt and recover if they happen — is a key goal in health IT. Also be sure to check out Justin’s blog on How nurses can immunize your organization against cyberattacks.
  3. How healthcare executives can forge a stronger chain against cyberattacks. Tom Stafford, VP and CIO of Halifax Health, explains how the most important deterrent to cyberattacks is the end user, and what executives can do to strengthen their organization’s ability to deal with online threats. 
  4. Save your data (and your budget) from cyberattacks. A 2014 study estimated the cost of a typical cybersecurity breach at more than $800,000 — read Cloudwave VP and Chief Strategy Officer Jim Fitzgerald’s advice for how hospitals can avoid the financial damage caused by cyberattacks. And be sure to listen to our podcast with Jim on cloud computing in healthcare.
  5. The story of one hospital’s 59-minute disaster recovery. Not every cybersecurity story is about human hackers — Aaron Burnsides of Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System explains how his organization recovered from a natural disaster: Water flooding into the server room.

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