6 easy ways physicians can use social media to advance their practice

June 6, 2019 |  Physician, Productivity, Healthcare IT

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Over the past decade, social media has made a huge impact on the way people communicate and stay engaged with what’s happening in the world. More healthcare consumers are using social platforms to learn about their conditions and providers, as well as to give feedback and advice in real time. But what about healthcare providers? Is spending time on social really worth it for them? 

In recent years, I’ve met a lot of physicians (including Dr. William Gustin and Dr. Bill Dailey) who think so. Healthcare technology is here to stay, and that includes social media as a vehicle for building personal knowledge as well as a virtual clinical community. Being a physician of the future means adopting the tools that your peers and patients are now using, in ever-increasing numbers - and using these to share your own expertise and success stories.

But what’s the best way to get started? Here’s 6 easy ways physicians can begin using social media to promote their achievements as well as build stronger relationships with consumers and healthcare leaders:

  • Start with your favorite platform. 90% of physicians are already using either Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with to focus on first.
  • Add a headshot photo and description of your expertise to your online profile. And don’t forget to tag your healthcare organization.
  • Follow @MEDITECH as well as our hashtags (such as #MEDITECHDocs). Feel free to Like and Share any of our materials, according to your interests.
  • Share photos and stories when you’re out on the road. When you attend industry events or conferences (like our Physician and CIO Forum), share something you learned along with a quick photo to engage followers.
  • Be yourself. Remember that social media is all about being human, having fun, and making connections. Anyone with a smartphone can do it, and do it well! 
It’s been inspiring for me to learn from so many respected clinicians, while helping them to share their unique experiences, challenges, and successes with the rest of the world. Join us, and become part of a vibrant community that advances healthcare by getting social!

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Written by Christina Noel, Social Media Manager, MEDITECH

Christina Noel is MEDITECH's social media manager and a founding member of its podcast team. She is a certified social media, branding, and public relations professional as well as a member of the Social Media Marketing Society. She led the Women in HIT Roundtable on Social Media at HIMSS 2019, and was featured by Colin Hung in his article “Has Social Media Use Changed for Health IT Companies?” Follow Christina on LinkedIn for the latest MEDITECH news and trends in social media.
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