What MEDITECH’s top podcasts reveal about healthcare drivers

October 12, 2023 |  Industry Leaders, Podcast, Health IT


As a health IT company, translating challenges into actionable change comes as second nature – so does keeping our audience informed. The MEDITECH Podcast offers a mobile way to examine emerging trends and innovation with industry leaders, and we learn just as much from these conversations as our listeners.

Let’s take a look at our top 5 downloaded episodes to explore what they reveal about the healthcare industry and its drivers.

How EHR users are advancing the future of healthcare

Founded in 1983, MUSE (Medical Users Software Exchange) exemplifies the power of MEDITECH users sharing successes and solutions when navigating their digital tools. As the organization’s first ever hire, CEO Alan Sherbinin has observed and led MUSE’s growth into a collective of thousands, and this year they celebrated their 40th anniversary. Tune in to How EHR Users are Advancing the Future of Healthcare to hear Alan Sherbinin lay out the origin and evolution of MUSE and how their user-driven mission inspires a community of dedicated collaborators.

Healing a health system with meaningful clinical documentation

Successful documentation requires a careful balance between being meaningful and informative. While data allows vital insights into facility performance, it does not always improve on the patient experience. Jane Englebright, Ph.D., RN and now retired Chief Nurse Executive and Senior Vice-President at HCA Healthcare, shares how redefining the intent behind documentation brings clinicians into the conversation and discerns what’s actually useful to the clinician and the patient. Listen to Healing a Health System With Meaningful Clinical Documentation as we discuss with Dr. Englebright how to learn from data collection without taking away from patient care.

Why elevating children’s wellness is a social justice issue

When it comes to understanding and connecting with certain populations, progress often emerges in the form of advocacy. As the President & CEO of Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Julia Hanigsberg works firsthand with children diagnosed with some of the most complex and difficult conditions, while also championing many initiatives that are raising awareness for youth with disabilities. Hear more about Hanisberg’s approach to healthcare leadership and Holland Bloorview’s holistic method to treating their patients’ physical, social, and psychological needs in Why Elevating Children’s Wellness is a Social Justice Issue.

Supporting underserved communities through equitable access to care

The global allocation of care presents a diverse scope of the wins, challenges, and lessons in our industry as a whole. Hear K. Nadeem Ahmed, MD, CMIO of Aga Khan University and Hospitals and Boniface Mativa, MD, Consultant Physician, CMO, and Director of Quality and Patient Safety at Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi discuss the healthcare landscape of East Africa and South Asia in Supporting Underserved Communities through Equitable Access to Care. Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Mativa are on a mission to revitalize their nation’s access to health services, sharing insights that are an inspiration to every healthcare worker, no matter their nationality.

Building a vibrant community through independence

Through all the challenges that come with running a healthcare organization, leadership does not have to sacrifice autonomy for opportunity. Tom Kurtz, Ph.D. and Chief Administrative Officer of Memorial Healthcare, led the strategic operations of Memorial as they pivoted from an acquisition route to an interdependent approach. By partnering with many organizations, they elevated the care their population needs and found true success as an independent hospital focused on the sustainability of their facilities and community. Listen to Building a Vibrant Community Through Independence to learn more about their initiatives. 

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Written by Christina Noel, Social Media Manager, MEDITECH

Christina Noel is MEDITECH's social media manager and a founding member of its podcast team. She is a certified social media, branding, and public relations professional as well as a member of the Social Media Marketing Society. She led the Women in HIT Roundtable on Social Media at HIMSS 2019, and was featured by Colin Hung in his article “Has Social Media Use Changed for Health IT Companies?” Follow Christina on LinkedIn for the latest MEDITECH news and trends in social media.
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