Connection fuels interoperability at HIMSS24

March 19, 2024 |  EHR, Industry Leaders, Health IT, Events, AI


Whether it was connecting with customers, prospects, industry thought leaders and other champions of innovative health IT solutions, or exploring connection through interoperability and open data exchange – the spirit of connection was tangible at HIMSS24.

With thoughtful paths for collaboration and advanced solutions, MEDITECH excelled in differentiating ourselves from the competition with solutions fueled by intelligent interoperability

Providers need technology that allows them the space to connect with patients. Patients want the autonomy to connect and engage with their own health records. Hospitals and health systems want seamless connection throughout their organizations and the opportunity to connect with other healthcare providers and share meaningful data for treatment and operations.

To both power and maintain connection at this level requires an interoperability approach that is one step ahead. 

Intelligent interoperability

As healthcare is an industry defined by constant change and innovation, it’s impossible for health systems to offer every new solution or advancement as it comes. But intelligent interoperability facilitates new possibilities for healthcare organizations with an infrastructure that supports the next-generation interoperability standards like HL7 FHIR, or SMART App Launch Framework, and the ability to leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud.

With an intelligent platform built on top of a future proof infrastructure, Expanse provides healthcare organizations with an extensible ecosystem that enables choice. MEDITECH's Greenfield workspace is a testing ground for app developers to test their integrations with Expanse. In this way, healthcare organizations are not limited to solutions operated by a single vendor and are given the tools to keep up with new technologies.

MEDITECH is leading the charge in the interoperability space by partnering with industry leaders and developing innovative tools that enable physicians to search and organize data more efficiently. 

The interoperability showcase offered a space for EHR vendors, health system leaders, app developers, and other industry stakeholders to gather in support of a common goal. At the Interoperability Showcase Spotlight Theater, I had the opportunity, along with colleague Christopher Kundra, Director of Interoperability Development, to introduce MEDITECH’s nuanced strategy that redefines the power of interoperability and potential for connected care. 

Intelligent interoperability has a future-proof infrastructure that powers Expanse and enables an extensible ecosystem.  

With an EHR that functions as a data platform, the possibilities for open data exchange are limitless. A data platform, rather than a data repository, supports a growing healthcare ecosystem and facilitates streamlined data shareability

Tools that build connection

Interoperability makes data more accessible to both providers and patients, driving connection and fueling collaboration. At HIMSS24, we showed how MEDITECH is elevating care to the next level with powerful tools that support interoperability.

Expanse search and summarization capabilities powered by Google Health

Customer Mile Bluff Medical Center piloted MEDITECH and Google’s AI-powered search and summarization tool that recently went live and launched successfully with over 150 initial users. Randy Brandt, PA-C, Primary Care Physician Assistant at Mile Bluff Medical Center presented with Peter Clardy MD, MBA, FAANS, Senior Clinical Specialist from Google Health, and later with William H. Morris, MD, MBA, Medical Officer, Google Cloud, Healthcare and Life Science to discuss the impact of future-facing tools like search and summarization that enable clinicians to make the most informed decisions by accurately and efficiently searching data.

Ambient listening

MEDITECH is minimizing documentation burden for clinicians with the integration of ambient listening technology into Expanse. With a vendor-agnostic approach, end users of the Expanse EHR can work with the voice assistant vendor of their choice and can access this technology directly within Expanse from mobile devices, desktop applications, or browser extensions.

At HIMSS24 we demonstrated our ambient listening solution alongside Suki. In September 2023, MEDITECH embarked on a partnership with leading voice artificial intelligence (AI) technology company Suki to leverage ambient listening and minimize documentation burden for clinicians. The power of Suki’s ambient listening and AI-based note generation is now being brought to MEDITECH users and giving clinicians back time to connect with their patients.

Traverse Exchange Canada

MEDITECH colleague Robert Molloy, Director, Canadian Market and Product Strategy and I joined Peter Bak, PhD, CIO, Humber River Hospital, along with Derek Plansky, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Health Gorilla in a panel that discussed interoperability across Canada powered by our cloud-based interoperability solution Traverse Exchange Canada. This powerful data exchange network is already closing care gaps in more than 300 long-term care organizations across Ontario.

Greenfield Workspace

MEDITECH Greenfield Workspace lays the groundwork for innovators and visionaries to collaborate, connect communities, and promote better care. This tool enhances interoperability by giving vendors a space to test API integration with our Expanse EHR.

Interoperability showcase

MEDITECH participated in the Interoperability Showcase and provided in-booth demos that highlighted the powerful impact of the intelligent movement of data. We took this opportunity to demonstrate how intelligent interoperability enables AI use cases, like ambient listening, and data exchange for precision medicine. 

Interoperability Showcase Sessions

  • API Open Office Hours
  • Pharmacogenomics in the EHR with MEDITECH and FDB
  • Therapies and Clinical Trial Matching with MEDITECH and GenomOncology
  • Interoperability in Canada
  • Ambient Listening
  • Facilitated FHIR 

Radical Collaboration

MEDITECH’s main stage session “Radical Collaboration: MEDITECH, Google, and the Intelligent EHR” illustrated how collaboration among thought leaders has the power to fuel connection, enabling interoperability and data exchange between health systems and healthcare organizations. 

MEDITECH EVP and COO, Helen Waters took the stage alongside Aashima Gupta, Global Director, Healthcare Strategy and Solutions, Google Cloud and Dara Bartels, CEO, Mile Bluff Medical Center to discuss the impact when cloud technologies are combined with an intelligent EHR. 

The future is an ecosystem that enables interoperability. Patients receive care at a variety of health systems, clinics, and hospitals and it’s essential that their patient data is available at each venue no matter what EHR is in use. With Expanse, health systems can build a digital health strategy that is sustainable and extensible. Intelligent interoperability ensures that connection is never absent in the healthcare continuum.

Interested in learning more about MEDITECH's interoperability ventures? Explore our intelligent interoperability solutions here.

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Written by Mike Cordeiro, Senior Director Interoperability Market and Product Strategy, MEDITECH

Mike Cordeiro is a Senior Director of Interoperability Market and Product Strategy at MEDITECH. He is focused on furthering the adoption of Interoperability products and services to improve patient and caregiver access to important health information. One of Mike’s key roles has been to architect solutions that tighten integration between external practice EMRs and the MEDITECH EHR, which allows providers easy and instantaneous access to patient health data on multiple platforms. This effort was the building block for the solution that became MEDITECH Traverse.