Special Feature Podcast: MEDITECH AVP discusses the future of healthcare IT on Healthcare de Jure

October 25, 2018 |  Podcast, Healthcare IT, Transformative Technology

Music headphones on a detailed stone surface-1As an EHR vendor, it’s our responsibility to know where the industry is going and why. We drive innovation in the healthcare IT space so we can provide the tools clinicians need to care for their patients. The healthcare spectrum is complex, and we know that our technology has to provide interoperable data across care settings.

Recently, I sat down with Matt Fisher, the host of “Healthcare de Jure,” a podcast on HealthcareNOW Radio. Our discussion spanned a number of topics, including the background of electronic medical records, MEDITECH’s role in assisting the transition to value-based care, and what the future of healthcare should look like.

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Written by Christine Parent, Associate Vice President, MEDITECH

Christine Parent’s well-rounded and smart approach to problem solving has long guided MEDITECH toward stronger relationships across the care continuum. Today, she brings her rich EHR knowledge to the role of associate vice president of marketing--spreading the word on how MEDITECH empowers healthcare organizations, through our company branding, online presence, public relations, and customer events, as well as developing and executing MEDITECH’s “go-to-market” strategy.