How EHRs can give physicians their “pajama time” back [Infographic]

March 19, 2019 |  Physician, EHR

It’s no secret that one of the biggest challenges for doctors in healthcare today is physician burnout.

An often cited NEJM study found that physicians routinely take 1–2 hours of EHR/paperwork home each night, an activity commonly referred to as “pajama time”. But what can be done? With properly developed EHR software, you can avoid a significant portion of these physician burnout issues.

 This infographic has several tips on how EHRs can give physicians their 'pajama time' back. Check it out below and be sure to learn more about how MEDITECH Expanse delivers a comfortable, personalized experience that helps provide more face-to-face time with your patients.



Download a PDF version of our "How EHRs can give physicians their 'pajama time' back" infographic. 

Download our Pajama Time Infographic

Written by Corinne Proctor Boudreau, Senior Manager, Product Management, MEDITECH

As MEDITECH’s Senior Marketing Solutions Manager for Physician Experience, Corinne is responsible for brand development of our Web EHR physician products. In this role, she monitors trends impacting physicians and keeps healthcare leaders informed of our initiatives through direct interaction and participation at industry events. In addition, she focuses on strategy for our case studies and white papers, showing the importance of EHRs in telling the complete patient story across the care continuum. With over two decades of experience in our industry, Corinne is passionately committed to helping clinicians with their efficiency, and helping patients with accessing the best care.
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