How MEDITECH is redefining the gender balance in organizational leadership

September 23, 2022 |  Industry Leaders, C-level, Health IT

Blog-Female-LeadershipIt is no secret that historically, women have been underrepresented in corporate leadership positions and decision-making processes. This is despite the fact that companies that boast a higher representation of women on their leadership team and boards are shown to outperform organizations that do not. 

At MEDITECH, women fill the roles of CEO, COO, CFO and legal counsel, and the company has three female vice presidents. Michelle O'Connor, president and CEO, and Helen Waters, executive vice president and COO, were recently featured in Becker’s Hospital Review to discuss how MEDITECH has redefined gender balance in leadership.

MEDITECH has established an extensive female leadership team that leverages the structural and cultural differences that drive effective solutions. This diversity in leadership has brought a greater depth and breadth of experience and perspective. And, the combination has facilitated innovation, which is critical to the growth of MEDITECH. 

Previous to my work at MEDITECH, I worked in direct patient care at a hospital which utilized paper and then transitioned to an electronic health record. I saw firsthand how its implementation resulted in a tremendous positive change in provider workflows and decision making, as well as improved patient outcomes. 

I pursued working at MEDITECH because data and information drives improved patient care and I wanted to be involved in enhancing and developing products that make a difference in patients’ lives on a larger scale.

I have been working at MEDITECH for almost 3 years now. Recently, I was promoted to Supervisor of the Physician Marketing Demonstrations team where I oversee the responsibilities of the team and ensure we successfully promote the value and quality of MEDITECH solutions to prospective and existing clients. In this role, I am able to directly show organizations how MEDITECH can help them provide the best patient care possible. And in a management position, I am able to have a leadership role and guide the direction of my staff.

I am continuously motivated to work at MEDITECH because the company keeps patients at the center of our mission and strategy, and is always looking to meet the needs of an evolving industry.

One of my favorite things about working at MEDITECH is the staff. If I had to summarize them  in one word, it would be “passionate.” Everyone takes pride in their work and they are always willing to help others. I am thankful to be part of a supportive and committed team who strive to improve products and create new ones based on market-driven customer needs. I have met many role models and lifelong friends here who have shaped me positively not just on a professional level, but also on a personal one.

The same belief applies to the female executive leadership at my company. They serve as inspirations who have paved the way, giving me hope that with my talents, hard work and persistence, I might reach a similar level of success in the future as well.

Read the full profile from Becker’s Hospital Review to hear more from Michelle and Helen on how MEDITECH is smashing the glass ceiling.

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Written by Jacquelin Randhawa, Marketing Solutions Supervisor, MEDITECH

Jacquelin Randhawa is Supervisor of the Physician Experience Marketing Demonstrations team. Together with her team, she helps ensure market positioning, messaging, and overall strategy is successfully incorporated into value-oriented physician solutions demonstrations.