How NMC Health leverages data with BCA dashboards [Infographic]

August 10, 2021 |  Big Data, Transformative Technology, Coronavirus


Managing big data is critical to the health of your organization and your patients. But these initiatives can be a drain on time and resources. 

Dashboards in MEDITECH’s Business and Clinical Analytics (BCA) Solution provide NMC Health (Newton Medical Center) with a single source of truth for critical information, while also eliminating time-consuming manual data collection. By leveraging BCA and working alongside MEDITECH Professional Services, NMC Health uncovered insights needed to care for their patients during the pandemic. 

This infographic shares how NMC Health is using dashboards to ensure that staff have timely access to the data they need to make the best, most informed decisions. Check it out below and be sure to learn more about how BCA puts your clinical and operational data to work and points your organization in the right direction.

Uncovering-Insights-With-MEDITECHs-BCA-Solution-A (1)


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Written by Sandra Greene, Marketing Solutions Manager, MEDITECH

As the Marketing Solutions Manager for Revenue Cycle Management and Analytics, Sandra Greene translates her passion for data and statistics to building MEDITECH’s value-driven brand. Sandra brings over a decade of experience in both Implementing and Marketing MEDITECH’s financial, revenue cycle, and analytics products. Her time in implementation serves as her foundation for connecting to financial leaders to identify and find solutions to the challenges they face.
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