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April 17, 2024 |  Interoperability, Health IT, Transformative Technology, AI


While conference season provides an excellent opportunity to meet with fellow healthcare leaders in our booth and reconnect with our customers face-to-face, it is also an opportunity to share with the industry what makes MEDITECH Expanse “The Intelligent EHR Platform” and to highlight the success of our amazing customer base.

Over the last month, we were fortunate to meet with many of the industry’s leading media outlets to share our strategy and successes. Here are a few of the key takeaways from these interviews:

MEDITECH’s AI strategy takes center stage

This year, one of our most talked about stories has been our AI strategy, headlined by the recent go-live of our search and summarization capabilities powered by Google Health at Mile Bluff Medical Center. MEDITECH EVP and COO Helen Waters had the opportunity to showcase the real-world impact of our solution on the HIMSS Mainstage alongside Google Cloud Global Director of Healthcare Strategy and Solutions Aashima Gupta and Mile Bluff Medical Center CEO Dara Bartels, whose organization is already experiencing the results. Several media outlets spotlighted their story.

Becker's Hospital Review

Helen and Aashima sat down with Becker’s Hospital Review to discuss MEDITECH and Google’s AI strategy. 

“When deployed intelligently, AI has the potential to remove artificial boundaries separating clinicians from their patients and return the focus to providing human-centered care,” Waters shared. 

Healthcare IT Today

Healthcare Scene Founder John Lynn covered their session in his Healthcare IT Today blog. “It was great to learn more details on the search and summarization feature that MEDITECH and Google Health had collaborated on and the impact it had on one of their customers. The right partners coming together to apply AI is going to affect patients, care teams, and the health system as a whole.” 

This Week Health

Bill Russell, Founder of This Week Health, interviewed Dara Bartels about how search and summarization capabilities streamline workflow, enhance data accessibility, reduce clinician burnout, and improve patient and clinician satisfaction. 


Must-read interviews with Helen Waters

Over the last month, Helen Waters had the opportunity to meet with several media outlets to share MEDITECH’s strategy on AI, interoperability, and the road ahead.

Healthcare IT News

In her Healthcare IT News interview with Managing Editor Bill Siwicki, Waters highlights MEDITECH’s HIMSS focus, with particular emphasis on search and summarization, ambient listening, virtual assistant, and genomics, including MEDITECH’s work with the ONC Cancer Moonshot initiative.

“Working closely with the ONC through the Cancer Moonshot initiative, we are championing the advancement of cancer care by helping to ensure the sharing of discrete, vital patient information and cancer research between disparate healthcare systems,” she explains. 

Healthcare Dive

Healthcare Dive Senior Reporter Rebecca Pifer interviewed several technology leaders, including Waters and Gupta, about their processes for AI governance and their thoughts on whether government oversight could stifle innovation. 

Regarding government oversight of AI, Waters noted, “I don’t want it to be too heavy. But we also don’t want it to come too late. There has to be some form of litmus test that verifies AI can produce enough information to validate our assumptions, to validate our models, and to show the user why you should trust it.” 

Modern Healthcare

Modern Healthcare recognized MEDITECH’s AI contributions in the publication’s HIMSS roundup: “MEDITECH said its web-based Expanse EHR would integrate generative AI ambient clinical notetaking from vendors Suki, Augmedix and Nuance . . . APIs and collaborations with large technology companies such as Google are integral to the company's future.” 

In a separate exclusive interview, Waters discussed MEDITECH’s competitive market presence, AI strategy, and commitment to interoperability. 

From the Front Lines

Health Data Management CEO Mitchell Josephson met with 10 leaders from eight MEDITECH healthcare organizations for HDM’s From the FRONTlines series. Throughout the interviews, they discuss the challenges each organization faces and what they are doing to make a difference. MEDITECH customers included HCA Healthcare, Lawrence General, Emanate Health, Fraser Health Authority, Frederick Health, Southern Ohio Medical Center, Independence Health System, and Signature Healthcare.

Watch the full series from Health Data Management.

Traverse Exchange Canada

Canadian Healthcare Technology recently highlighted MEDITECH’s Traverse Exchange Canada solution. The first-of-its-kind interoperability network connects Canadian healthcare organizations running MEDITECH to over 65 long-term care sites using the PointClickCare EHR, with additional vendors and provincial resources to follow. Look to the May edition of the publication for further details from MEDITECH’s HIMSS session with Humber River Health CIO Peter Bak.

Looking ahead

To learn more about MEDITECH’s current focus, listen to the recent HIMSSCast podcast featuring MEDITECH Director of Marketing Rachel Wilkes.

We look forward to sharing more of our strategies and customer successes throughout 2024, including at our upcoming Clinical Informatics Symposium, held virtually June 25-26, and our MEDITECH LIVE leadership summit in our Foxborough, MA facility from September 25-27. Please sign up for these events today and spread the word with your leadership teams.

If you have a story to share, please reach out to me via email at or LinkedIn, and you too may find your organization’s success spotlighted in the media. 

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Written by Jason Patnode, Manager Content, Branding, and Digital Marketing

Jason Patnode has spent over 20 years crafting and communicating MEDITECH’s messaging, from RFPs to customer successes. Today, he leads the digital marketing and public relations teams responsible for highlighting our customers’ achievements and the benefits they realize through MEDITECH Expanse. Jason’s team shares customer stories in press releases, podcasts, case studies, and multi-channel campaigns to help healthcare organizations learn from their peers and shape their own IT strategies.
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