Three stories of customer success with MEDITECH MaaS

December 1, 2022 |  C-level, Health IT, Patients, MaaS


One of the most rewarding parts of my role at MEDITECH is helping customers realize the benefits of using our solutions and proving our commitment to establishing partnerships with them. 

That process isn’t always easy, nor does it happen all at once — and it can be especially challenging when the solution is relatively new, as in the case of MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS), which we first deployed in 2019.

We know how much we’re asking health systems to trust us — in the case of MaaS, that we’re delivering the same level of performance of an Expanse deployment in a subscription payment model — and we take our responsibility to earn and keep that trust very seriously.

And that’s why it’s been rewarding to hear positive news from new MaaS customers, whether they migrated from a MEDITECH legacy platform or chose us over another EHR vendor. 

Here are three stories of how hospitals and health systems implemented MaaS and saw improvements in how they treat and care for patients:

Randy Brandt, PA-C, Mile Bluff Medical Center

For Mile Bluff, the major benefit of deploying MaaS is how it securely connects our network of five clinics and 50 affiliated providers with the central hospital, and includes ongoing hardware maintenance, data storage, and disaster recovery. 

That kind of integration allows us to have a standardized platform across the health system and it supports our small IT department with MEDITECH resources.

MaaS is a cost-effective, scalable platform for us, and the inclusion of third-party vendor solutions in the subscription contract meant that we saved time in sourcing important enhancements that work specifically with Expanse.

And so the biggest win for us is simply having one record that our providers can work with across specialties, and we’ve already heard some very positive feedback from our clinicians about the system.

Jonathan Hatfield, Director of IS, Klickitat Valley Health

Our small rural health system was able to deploy a sophisticated data center and a new EHR in seven months. I don’t think we could have done that if we hadn’t gone with MaaS.

We also had to stand up a remote workforce —  we have providers who live several hours away, where they’ll schedule appointments for a week and then they’ll be gone. So to be able to onboard them quickly and share secure, remote access to the chart has been a major improvement.

That also goes for administrator-level access: During a recent trip, I was on a shuttle between the airport and the hotel when our CNO contacted me. A provider had prematurely locked the chart, so we needed to return it to draft status — I did that in about three minutes from the shuttle.

That would have been a lot longer before MaaS — what MEDITECH offers for multi factor authentication and cloud accessibility is a huge win for provider satisfaction. 

Travis Boucher, CFO, Speare Memorial Hospital

Speare Memorial went live in March 2022, after spending about a year on the selection process. That time allowed us to determine four key standards for our next vendor to meet: Quality of patient experience; sustainability of cost; integration across the system; and data and analytics support.

We ultimately selected MaaS because it addresses all of these standards:

  • Our IT staff gets the resources and technical infrastructure to support the system — not only now, but over time. 
  • Integrating clinical and revenue cycle systems requires fewer interfaces and third-party products, streamlining charge documentation and improving revenue.
  • Our leadership team will be able to leverage MEDITECH Business and Clinical Analytics tools to review data from across the organization.
  • Patients have an online portal that evolves and gains enhancements over time.

Although we are new to MaaS, we have already seen its potential, and look forward to further unlocking the benefits of the new solution.


Whether it’s better integration across the enterprise, smoother transitions between care settings, or higher provider satisfaction with the digital tools they need, MaaS is proving to be the solution that addresses the unique needs of a growing number of our customers.

And as we continue to add new MaaS customers, I look forward to sharing their stories and experiences. 

For customers already using MaaS, MEDITECH will host a virtual MaaS User Group event on Jan. 25 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please use the link below to learn more and to register.

Join MEDITECH for a dive into our cost-effective and scalable EHR solution designed for organizations of any size or specialty. 

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Written by Carol Labadini, Vice President, MEDITECH

With over 28 years of experience at MEDITECH, Carol brings a depth of knowledge of healthcare operations and regulations to her role as Vice President. As the leader of MEDITECH’s implementation division, Carol’s expertise helps healthcare organizations everywhere leverage technology to improve care and communication across the continuum. Carol developed a passion for healthcare at a young age, and her drive to improve the experience for both patients and providers led her to earning a degree in Healthcare Management from Northeastern University, and managing a physician practice.
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