Face to face: On site at Halifax Health [Video]

November 5, 2019 |  Physician, Patient Engagement, C-level, Health IT, Video

Reading about a hospital’s success is one thing, but hearing stories face-to-face with clinicians is something entirely different. I recently visited Halifax Health to hear how MEDITECH Expanse is helping real doctors care for real patients at this busy trauma center and health system. 

Located in Daytona Beach, FL, Halifax Health manages a large patient population with huge influxes of tourists that flood the area for races, spring break, or even just a day at the beach.

Halifax Health Medical Center is the hub of a system of more than 35 emergency departments, hospitals, and professional centers. This 680-bed facility includes a level 2 trauma center and employs over 500 physicians representing 54 medical specialties.

We talked to everyone from C-levels to an emergency medicine doctor who was willing to sit with me at the end of a long overnight shift. We design MEDITECH software to help get clinicians home faster, and yet here was a physician willing to stay late and share his time with us. Hearing about successes and outcomes from the staff at Halifax was much more powerful than reading about them on a screen.

The reason that ED doctor was so willing to talk to us may have had to do with some of the results MEDITECH Expanse has brought to his department. The mobility of Expanse has improved ED throughput and helped to shorten patient length of stay by half a day, which is critically important to Halifax Health given their high patient volumes. 

Over and over again, I heard how technology and mobility are helping reduce screen time for doctors and increase facetime with patients. They’re also helping reduce the administrative tasks that can take up precious time during a clinician’s shift.

“Using a tablet is really kind of intuitive and natural for us,” said Dan Peterson, M.D. “A lot of the burden in emergency medicine is all of the clerical work, and it goes away when you have the tablet right there with them. I don’t feel like I’m being shackled to the computer for 8 hours, and I’m able to get through all of my work and leave on time every day.” 

Mobile devices cut down on physicians’ administrative burdens, while improving workflows and satisfaction. Having physicians use a tablet to review information at the bedside also significantly enhances the patient experience.

This year Halifax is celebrating 90 years of history, but they are driven to be at the forefront of healthcare for many years to come. On our side of the table, MEDITECH’s goal is for Expanse to continue helping them succeed. 

During my visit, I loved hearing from Halifax staff that MEDITECH is getting clinicians away from screens and back in front of patients. They are able to comfort patients, explain their care, and be at the bedside instead of chained to a computer. 

It’s not only physicians being helped by MEDITECH Expanse; having the tablet screen right there can also improve the patient experience. From discharge plans to x-rays to ultrasounds, never underestimate the power of transparency to put a patient’s mind at ease. We’re proud that our partnership is a piece of the quality care that Halifax provides every day.

Download our Case Study: Physicians at Halifax Health Go Mobile with MEDITECH Expanse

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Written by Carol Bird, Senior Manager, Content, Branding & Digital Marketing, MEDITECH

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