5 reasons to listen to MEDITECH podcasts

August 17, 2021 |  Podcast, Health IT


Podcasts continue to grow in popularity across many industries — and healthcare is no exception. MEDITECH recently launched our own podcast series, focused on the intersection of technology and medicine and featuring unique perspectives from today’s thought leaders in healthcare.

Here are five reasons that you should start listening to MEDITECH podcasts:

  1. They fit the busy clinician’s lifestyle. Innovations in healthcare can happen at any time, and medical professionals need to stay informed so they can deliver the best care. MEDITECH podcasts offer unique stories from the front lines in episodes that run less than 20 minutes. 
  2. They tell compelling stories. As COVID-19 continues to impact healthcare workers and patients, medical professionals are sharing their experiences — like a rural Georgia hospital’s work from the early days of the outbreak through vaccine distribution and an Ontario hospital’s response to the region’s mental health crisis
  3. They celebrate success. Our listeners can find hope from the achievements of other health IT leaders, including the New Jersey hospital that used surveillance tools to reduce documentation time for nurses, giving them more time to attend to their patients and the Minnesota-based health system that enrolled patients in self-scheduling for vaccines and doubled participation in its patient portal. 
  4. They offer valuable insights. Our guests offer perspectives that you’d normally find at professional conferences, like this Canadian CEO’s passion for patient safety and equity in healthcare and this hospital VP’s experience as a vaccine clinic volunteer that showed him how data can drive improvements in patient care.
  5. They’re easy to find. Our podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, as well as the MEDITECH blog, so no matter what device or platform you use, be sure to check out our latest episodes anywhere, any time.

Are there topics you want to hear about? Do you know a healthcare leader we should interview? Let us know!

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Written by Christina Noel, Social Media Manager, MEDITECH

Christina Noel is MEDITECH's social media manager and a founding member of its podcast team. She is a certified social media, branding, and public relations professional as well as a member of the Social Media Marketing Society. She led the Women in HIT Roundtable on Social Media at HIMSS 2019, and was featured by Colin Hung in his article “Has Social Media Use Changed for Health IT Companies?” Follow Christina on LinkedIn for the latest MEDITECH news and trends in social media.
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